What is The Request Fest?
Have you ever wanted to be the radio presenter?

Have you ever wanted to pick and choose your favourite tracks and get them played on the radio?

If you answered yes to both of the questions above, then you are in luck - because The Request Fest presented by me (Gavin Bass) allows you (the listener) to do both of those things.

It's so simple... Just telephone 01487 686 020 anytime to leave a brief message telling me who you are, where you are from, what song you would like to hear and your reason why. Then tune in to hear yourself introducing your chosen track.
Programme Controllers...
I currently offer the one programme called "The Request Fest" which is available for your community, hospital, independent, online, or student radio station.

The programme is updated on a weekly basis via Dropbox, FTP or WeTransfer, and is two hours in duration. The programme is available in either 60 minute chunks or in six chunks (of 18 minutes) allowing time for news, local adverts, station promos and jingles.

If you would like to broadcast the programme on your station, please complete the form on the contact page with your details (including your suggested days and times of broadcast).

I also offer customisation for your station by way of voice links and insertion of your adverts, promos and jingles, in exchange for a link to this site from your website. I also accept card, cash, cheques and chocolates!!
Make a Donation
This radio programme is offered to radio stations free of charge. However, donations are appreciated, which will help with running costs.